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Sensory Den Package

sensory den package.jpg

Our Softplay packagaes are ideal for your little ones to enjoy! All of our equipment is hygenic and clean!

This Package includes:

Softplay Mats

13 sensory soft play shapes

Softplay Balance Beam

A Sensory Ring

4ft high Sensory Den, complete with tactile panels and bluetooth speaker/light!

Children have a great imagination and love to build houses, walls, forts...and what's better than building all of this? Knocking it all down and starting again!

hours of fun for your little ones

Hire this Package for only £140!

Free Delivery within Sittingbourne and the Isle of Sheppey. We can Deliver anywhere else for an additional cost- Please contact for more details.

Late Pickup (between 1930 and 2100) can be arranged for an additonal £20

Overnight can be arranged for an additional £40

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