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Sensory Dome

We are Very Proud to say that we designed this dome and had it made to our own specifications. We wanted to create something which not only helped with sensory development in babies, but we also wanted to ensure that there was something available for those who also had sensory impairment, neaning that when it came to celebrating their parties, they would have something to use!

All This for only £130!!
Brand New Sensory Dome

Our Sensory Dome Measures 12ft Diameter and 9 ft high.

the outside of the dome has got 4 removable tactile panels, which children can use either outside the dome, or bring them inside for the kids to play with.

They love the different textures/feelings and sounds that they are able to experience.

Sensory Soft Play

We have recently had some custom tactile panels made for inside the dome, as well as sensory soft play cubes, a large seating/laying area, fibre optic light harness and some small sensory toys!

all of this can be added to your package for no extra cost!

Bluetooth Speaker

By using our Bluetooth Speaker, you are able to add your own music or sounds. All that you require is a bluetooth device, such as a smart phone or bluetooth music player.

You control the music, you control the volume!

Why not turn the dome into a mini Disco for chiuldren, or as a way to help those with sensory impairment become more desensitized to lights and sound?

Light Show

We have lights available which spin, flash, change colour and project shapes.

With added waterbased fog machine (adult supervision only), this enhances the lights, but also we can add different smells to the fog to add another sensory element.

Light Tunnels

We have various light tunnels in the dome which allow in some natural light. these light tunnels are different colours.

There are two light tunnels at the base of the dome, which double as portholes. This allows for equipment to be brought into the dome, and the plugs fed to the outside

Air Eyelets

These 5 eyelets allow some air to escape inside the dome!

The children love to put their hands, feet and faces against these eyelets

A brand new sensation which the kids love! Also a great way to cool down if you have been dancing your socks off inside the dome!

This Sensory Dome looks fantastic! So great to see something that is inclusive for all children. Many of the children I work with who have special needs would love this sensory experience! All children need to be provided with sensory input to enable them to learn and self regulate their emotions. This sensory dome is a fun and stimulating environment to meet those needs.

Kath H, Paediatric OT

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