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Comic Relief!!!

We had the honour of providing our one of a kind sensory dome at the Orchards today in Sittingbourne. This was for a very special occasion! 4 us 2 is a charity for a group of parents who meet up to offer peer support and problem solving in relation to their children who have various difficulties including sensory impairment and additional needs. They are a great bunch of people and the kids are so much fun.

We have hired out the sensory dome to them on a few occasions now, but today was even more special! As well as the kids enjoying themselves in our dome, so did BBC south east and Comic Relief!! We also had one special visitor... famous comedian and host of this years Comic Relief... Romesh Ranganathan! He really enjoyed the dome, said that it was great fun and really got to explore all the features of the dome! Tune in to BBC south East tomorrow, and Comic Relief on Friday to see all the action!!

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