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Covid-19 Update

In light of Boris Johnson's announcement on 11th May, we have now decided to start trading again, however we are very keen to ensure that Social Distancing is still adhered to throughout our hire, therefore, we need to introduce some Terms and Condtions which mean that we operate within the Health Protection Regulations 2020 (Covid 19 restrictions) as outlined by our government.

We wish to make it clear that we are NOT promoting social gathering, infact we are heavily promoting remaining at home, and feel that we can offer a service to make that more enjoyable, especially for all of Kent's children who are bored at home!

We are going to be offering Strictly NON CONTACT hires, to indiviual families, in their back garden... and ONLY ON GRASS

We will not be able to take inflatables through any buildings, and will need to have the side entrance accesible/open for us on arrival.

We require outdoor power sockets, or extension leads ready for our arrival, as we wil not pass our leads through windows/doors etc

All payments to be made online or via bank transfer, and our regular terms and conditions are to be agreed to remotely prior to our arrival.

PLEASE BE FLEXIBLE WITH TIMINGS as we will be cleaning our inflatables at the beginning and end of every hire... and you may notice some reduced accesibility as we will not allow castles to be hired out within 5 days of the last hire.

Please note that our normal Terms and conditions are still in effect, and all hires are dependant on these being met (including weather restrictions etc)

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